We’ve been talking about economic and fiscal issues. It’s those on the left that are pushing it.” Walker, like other ambitious Republican governors, is trying to strike a delicate balance. His comments come just days after he formally appealed a federal judge’s ruling striking down Wisconsin’s ban on same-sex marriages, a ban he supported. But after his party’s disastrous 2012 election, the Republican National Committee commissioned a report calling for more “inclusive and welcoming” tones on divisive social issues particularly those “involving the treatment and the rights of gays.” Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad asks a question during a meeting of the Health and Human Services Committee Walker explained his court appeal as simply as his obligation as governor to defend the state’s constitution. Other Republican governors, however, including New Jersey’s Republican Gov. Chris Christie, opted against appealing a similar ruling in his state, clearing the way for gay marriage to become legal there. “That is a very controversial and divisive issue,” said Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad, a Republican, suggesting that Republicans are better served by focusing on economic issues.
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