Not true. Most the time good enough is good enough and waiting until you can do things perfectly, or spending hours and hours on creating the most beautiful powerpoint slides distracts you from spending your time on other tasks that could be adding important value. Sure, setting the bar high is often important, but more often than not, lowering it serves you and those around you far more. So just get it done, and move on. More important things await. 5. Leap before you think youre ready Compared to the men we work and live with, most women tend to doubt themselves more and back themselves less. Accordingly, we too often underestimate our abilities and readiness to take on bigger roles and challenges. Given thats how were wired, we shouldnt wait until we think were ready for a role before we take it. We should just take a giant leap of faith in our ability to learn what we need to and jump right in. Will there be things you dont know that you need to? Very possibly. Is there a risk you might fail?
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